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I grew up in an entrepreneurial family and by seeing so much passion it naturally became my dream to also become an entrepreneur myself one day.

In 2017, I went on a wonderful adventure and moved to Valencia, Spain. Living there, I quickly fell in love with the Spanish lifestyle and weather.

Back home, I noticed how dull most interiors were and I wanted to bring a piece of Spanish sunshine into my home.

Since I couldn’t find on the market what I was looking for, I decided to design it myself. I immediately started drawing and took ceramics classes to get more familiar with the material.

The choice of ceramics came naturally, as I grew up in it.
My parents have a company specialised in colourful ceramic animals, called Pomme pidou.

Fastforward to 2022. I finally got the hang of it and designed my first collection. Qué Rico was born!

Josephine Coelembier, Founder Qué Rico